Abitare e costruire Lecce


The project for Tricase analyzes the competition requests, the characteristics of the site and the climate, focusing on sustainability as the key to interpret the intervention. The solution is based on a bioclimatic and ecological approach to sustainability; therefore the building and the systems within are to be considered as a whole, in relation to the climate, aiming to ensure comfort with minimum expense of energy. The project will adapt a variation of the Mediterranean style. The large dimensions of the structure feature lime material and white finishings, without additional elements, to further enhance the precision of the form of the structure and juxtaposition of empty and full spaces. The structures blend with the surrounding environment magnificently, creating a diverse landscape where the Mediterranean style is dominant: white sober materials being used on solid structures, creating the substance of the architectural design. We wanted to avoid costly solutions with high technological content, there was an emphasis on architectural syntax of a few elements, simple and clear, sufficient to meet the demands of the weather. The strong point is the simplicity evoked: with bare spaces and white walls defining open areas, the measured openings and the solid stone platforms.



Year: 2008
Structure: Wood
Client: Public
State: Competition
Location: Lecce